New library and multiuse building

Castelmaggiore 2108

The curvilinear landscape of the urban park and the aim not to create a front and a back of the new library suggest the adoption of an organic shape. A curvilinear form allows in fact to get a continous front in all directions and and a natural integration in the park’s sinusoidal paths.
The facade is conceived as a ribbon with alternated transparent and semireflective metal cladded parts.
Each function of the brief is located in a curvilinear volume (ellipsis or circle), and all volumes are connected to each other, in order to guarantee flexibility and independent access and use of each function (events, exhibition hall, library, municipal meeting rooms). On the upper floor the reading and multimedia room, along with the offices.
The project is very sensible to sustainability and energy savings.


Tipologia: Concorso di progettazione
Ente banditore: Comune di Castelmaggiore
Località: Castelmaggiore (Bologna)
Periodo: 2018
Progetto: Studio Albini Associati