Lorenteggio New Library

Milano (2018)

This project for a new library in the “Lorenteggio” neighborhood of Milan takes inspiration from the context of serial simple and regular shaped buildings separated by a regular network of connection pedestrian and vehicular roads.
Consequently the new building is based on a squared geometry: 2 squares are overlayed and one another 45° rotated, reminding two overlayed books.
Vertical connection core is placed in the centre and facades are free to face the park on 4 sides.
Functional organization is simple and clear as well: on ground floor reception, families’ areea and meeting rooms; on 1st floor the reading room.


Tipologia: Concorso di progettazione
Ente banditore: Comune di Milano
Località: Milano
Periodo: 2018
Progetto: Studio Albini Associati