Exstension of Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara – Competition

Ferrara (2017)

This is a competition project for an extension of temporary exhibition ground floor of XVI Century “Palazzo dei Diamanti” in Ferrara. The proposal completes the “U” shaped historical building, with a new transparent extension, introducing a new border towards the garden, and completing the previously existing orchards’ space.

2 multifunctional halls are alternated with patios and gardens, all connected by a distribution volume along the existing façade, for a new circular path through the ground floor spaces.

A corten made enclosure resumes the geometric texture with pyramids (typical of the palace’s stone made main facades along the streets), alternated with voids for visual permeability, in a chessboard like texture.

Ente Banditore: Comune di Ferrara
Località: Ferrara
Periodo: 2017
Importo lavori: 2.515.000,00 euro
Progetto architettonico:
Consulenza impianti e strutture: