New exit of the Medici’s chapels’ Museum

Firenze (2018)

This project aimed to find a solution for the architectural objects emerging on the square that surrounds San Lorenzo’s Church in Florence. From a new underground bookshop space at the end of the museum’s visit, in fact, visitors will rise up to the square through a staircase and an elevator.
Our proposal treats these 2 objects as very simple, minimal boxes, cladded with a bronze metal mesh, that would give them a “precious” and discreet look, being intoned with the ocher colored stone of the Basilica’s facades.
The new staircase is conceived with massive Carrara’s marble blocks, standing out on the gray of serene stone, cladding all the new bookshop’s walls. The combination of these 2 materials is widely found in all Renaissance main works in Florence.
The staircase also becomes a containing element for the books. The marble stairs, in fact, define the grid for book shelves, placed under the new staircase.
The bookshop underground space is given light through a back-lit opaline glass ceiling, covering the whole space and through the natural light that filters through the new staircase’s metal mesh covering.

Tipologia: Concorso di progettazione – Progetto menzionato
Ente banditore: Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo
Località: Firenze
Periodo: 2018
Progetto: Studio Albini Associati