New Nursery school in Lurago d’Erba

Lurago d’Erba (2018)

This project for an extension of a school complex, with addition of a new Nursery school, aims to minimize the land consumption, placing the new building close to the existing, with independent access from the same parking though.
The new addition is developed on a semi circular shape, following the grassy bank that delimitates the plot. This geometry offers the opportunity to encircle the flat garden space between the schools, used as an open air playground for the Nursery’s children.
All the 5 sections have the same size and surround a common indoor space, facing the outdoor garden, used for free activities and atrium as well.
This atrium is fully glazed towards the garden, to emphasize the contact between indoor and outdoor.
The new school canteen is placed close to the existing elementary school’s one, in order to have one only kitchen and facilitate the meals’ transportation.
A wide 2-pitch roof covers this new one-storey building, in memory of the rural constructions of the countryside nearby. A continuous glazed opening in the middle guarantees an air draught either to classes or to the atrium and illumination of the classes’ service spaces.

Tipologia : Concorso di progettazione
Ente banditore: Comune di Lurago d’Erba
Località: Lurago d’Erba (Como)
Periodo: 2018
Progetto architettonico: