Stone City – Competition

Bolgare, Bergamo (2017)

This competition project aims to achieve integration of a new extension building, for offices and customers’ main hall for events of a stone products firm for outdoors, with the existing exhibition garden, through an elongated square – garden; a connection architectural element that enhances unity of the complex, becoming a 250 meter long front, visible from the adjacent highway.

The façade design is conceived to enhance a cinematic effect (visible while driving on the highway) by mean of horizontal alternated black and whites stone made stripes of different thickness, acting as a sun shading in front of the new building and as delimitation of the elongated square, up to the existing black stone cladded construction in the existing exhibition garden. The same cladding is also extended over the parking, as a sun shading roof cover.

A long system that gives a new strong image to the firm’s brand.

Ente banditore: Granulati Zandobbio
Località: Bolgare (Bergamo)
Periodo: 2017
Progetto architettonico: