Renovation of a complex in Milan – Property of the Chamber of Commerce

Milano (2018)

Our proposal for this renovation is principally based on respect of the building’s main features, which is composed by different height volumes that shape an articulated complex.
The stone cladded lower base of the complex is maintained and extended. The ceramic cladded tower is maintained as well, but changed with clear color, to amplify natural light in neighborhood in full centre of Milan with very narrow streets.
Added volumes are treated with a very light material, juxtaposing the massive stone block of the base. A sun shading metal grid protects the added glazed volumes, containing the dwellings’ living rooms.
Flat terraced rooves are used for gardens.

Tipologia : Concorso di progettazione
Ente banditore: Camera di Commercio
Località: Milano
Periodo: 2018
Progetto architettonico: